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NORRES Job Machine

NORRES Job Machine

Mayor Frank Baranowski visits NORRES

The NORRES Group, founded in 1889 has 129 years of experience and tradition. Since Burkhard Mollen, Managing Director, has taking over the business of the group 15 years ago, NORRES has been able to achieve an organic sales growth of more than 10% per year on average. These economic dynamics have recently increased, leading to an organic growth of 20% in 2017 and continuing in 2018 with the same strong growth rate. The company also manufactures in China and the USA for many years, and runs group's own subs in France, Poland, the UK, the Czech Republic and Taiwan. Despite or even caused by the internationalization strategy, 40 extra jobs and new hires were created in 2017 in Gelsenkirchen! A good reason for the Mayor Frank Baranowski, city council Dr. Christopher Schmitt and the head of department of business development Rainer Schiffkowski to pay a visit to the NORRES Group.

One of the topics discussed during the conversation was, of course, the above-average growth and the question of how NORRES was able to realize this growth and is currently able to do so. "The operating efficiency of the NORRES Group is based on our successful strategy and top employees. Both are due to the fact that satisfied employees develop successful strategies, but successful strategies also include measures to attract and retain top employees. The economic success of the NORRES Group and the award as TOP employer prove this, " explains Managing Director Burkhard Mollen.

"Our strategic focus is internationalization, innovation and operational excellence for customers by e.g. creating digital processes, such as web-based hose selection, online inventory inquiry, tracking of shipments, customer portal and many more. We are targeting fast-growing markets, such as the Food-, Robot- and Wind power-industry as well as automation technology. In addition, NORRES products and services add important values and cost savings from our customer´s perspective."

NORRES was awarded as a TOP Employer last Friday in Berlin. The award was presented by the former Federal Minister of Economics Wolfgang Clement. The „TOP JOB“ mentor appreciated the NORRES group for its strategic and sustainable assurance for skilled labour and its steady and systematic development of its employers performance. The award winners emerged from the survey of around 20,000 employees in Germany.

NORRES employees gave themselves and the company above-average marks:

  • High satisfaction concerning the fields of activity
  • Positive working environment and good communication with colleagues and supervisors
  • Strong commitment of employees regarding corporate culture and goals
  • Above average periods of employment
  • Family-friendly
  • No age discrimination
  • Dismissal intent far below the benchmark / best practice

„We have introduced many social approaches, including flexible working hours, a subsidized canteen of healthy and fresh food, and various NORRES sports groups. In addition, we are trying to motivate our employees through modern offices and work equipment, an international exchange between the branches, NORRES 'own suggestion and idea management NIM2, as well as regular coaching and further education," explains Burkhard Mollen.

What is the future for NORRES in Gelsenkirchen? "We also plan an organic growth of 10% for the coming years, and in addition we want to grow by + 50% during the next 3 years by professional acquisition. The establishment of further branches abroad, the digitalisation of the business and product innovations are already decided or in the implementation. The clear commitment to the location Gelsenkirchen is anchored in the NORRES mission statement. Gelsenkirchen is the ideal location because right here we find a large number of skilled workers as well as available real estate and workforce. For these reasons, too, we will continue to invest in the location at the city harbour, for example by acquiring three new machines and, of course, the creation of new jobs in Gelsenkirchen," answers the managing director.

Mayor Frank Baranowski congratulated NORRES on the TOP JOB award. He also confirmed the essentiality of NORRES as an economic operator in Gelsenkirchen and was pleased with the positive development of NORRES. He also reported a similar positive development for several years for the business location Gelsenkirchen, so the year 2017 was the most successful year for decades for business development. Afterwards, some views of further future projects and activities of the city of Gelsenkirchen, such as "Smart City" and "Networked City" were already mentioned.



from left to right: City council Dr. Christopher Schmitt, Burkhard Mollen (Managing Director NORRES Group), Mayor Frank Baranowski, Rainer Schiffkowski (Head of department of business development)Burkhard Mollen with the "TOP JOB" award

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