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NORRES presents two product innovations

NORRES presents two product innovations

PROTAPE® PUR 327 PP and PROTAPE® TPE 325 WEAR STRIP expand the range

NORRES is expanding its portfolio and currently presents two product innovations: PROTAPE® PUR 327 PP for use in municipal vehicles and the PROTAPE® TPE 325 WEAR STRIP for gas exhaust extraction.

Highly abrasion resistant and crush resistant

The PROTAPE® PUR 327 PP further compliments our existing product range of hoses for sweeping and cleaning machines. The extraction of leaves, branches and dirt strains hoses used on municipal vehicles. Thus, these specific tubing properties are required which provide additional advantages during use. These include primarily long service life, easy handling, high abrasion resistance as well as very good cold resistance. Optimum product properties help to ensure a lower risk of failure. The PROTAPE® PUR 327 PP has been specially developed for use on municipal vehicles. Highly flexible and super-light weight - makes it easy to handle. The throughput of abrasive material is no problem for this highly-abrasion resistant hose. It is crush resistant and therefore - combined with very good cold flexibility - is ideally suited for outdoor use.

Fabric-reinforced and flexible

Exhaust hoses are primarily used to route exhaust gases from vehicle engines and other equipment away from the operator. Thus a workplace with fresh and clean air should be ensured. The NORRES portfolio has recently expanded by adding the PROTAPE® TPE 325 WEAR STRIP. The exhaust gas hose is mainly used for vehicle exhaust systems, overhead and underfloor exhaust systems as well as engine test stands in industry and workshops. The innovative exhaust hose is fabric-reinforced and has as a highly flexible and compressible hose with external abrasion protection via an external helix. Due to the outer special sliding surface, the hose maximizes on floor space, prolonging service life and is easy to use. The flexibility and compressibility also enable the user with ease of handling. The PROTAPE® TPE 325 WEAR STRIP has good resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals. It transports exhaust gases up to a temperature range of up to 220 ° C.

PROTAPE® PUR 327 PP and PROTAPE® TPE 325 WEAR STRIP expand the range

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