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NORRES Hoses for exhaust gas extraction

NORRES Hoses for exhaust gas extraction

Clean air with the perfect hose

Fresh clean air is an important productivity factor in the workplace. Compromised air quality can have detrimental health impacts on the human body. Industrial environments using combustion engines are often operated indoors. The resulting exhaust gases must be extracted using exhaust gas extraction systems in order to ensure a safe and clean air transfer. This does not only depend on the correct selection of the fan or filter, but also the exhaust hose plays a critical role in these systems. An effective exhaust system is only as good as the exhaust hose!  Think twice before you select your next exhaust extraction hose and depend on NORRES to deliver an exceptional product and deliver results!

Great quality allows long service life

A poorly selected hose can have severe consequences on overall operations. That is why quality and proper hose selection is vital. In order to guarantee a properly executed operation, exhaust gas hoses must have certain properties. This means that hot gases can be transported up to several hundred ° Celsius without damaging the hose material. A flexible hose shape is advantageous in order to withstand vibrations, impact and balancing effects from outside. In order to make a suitable selection, we offer our expert consultation made available to all of our customers. The hose manufacturer NORRES, with technical hoses - industry-specific hose characteristics - combined with technical advice, is exactly at this interface.

Simply flexible - the entire range of exhaust hoses

Exhaust hoses are primarily used to route exhaust gases from vehicle engines and other equipment away from the operator. Thus a workplace with fresh and clean air is ensured. They are used mainly in vehicle exhaust systems, overhead and underfloor exhaust systems as well as engine test stands in industry and workshops. In order to guarantee smooth and error-free use, the hoses must have certain properties. The NORRES range of exhaust gas hoses serves many applications. For example, the PROTAPE® TPE 326 MEMORY as a highly flexible and compressible hose has a flow-optimized outer protection profile which ensures the best delivery performance. That means: low pressure losses, reduced fan output and lower temperatures in the hose. Therefore: longer service life and lower operating costs.

NORRES clamping hoses are based on a patented design, which offers numerous product advantages, particularly in the case of heavy loads - especially for the range of exhaust hoses. The CP HiTex 483 is ideally suited for use in a temperature range from -60 ° C to 900 ° C, even up to 1100 ° C for short periods of time. Hoses, such as the CP HYP 450 PROTECT, with a outer protection profile, help to avoid the risk of lacquer damage when used in car workshops. The highly flexible exhaust hose with an outer protection profile has a high vibration resistance. This increases the service life and reduces the risk of downtime. The CP ARAMID 461 PROTECT combines the best hose characteristics as a clamping profile hose, especially when subjected to high loads and can be used for flue gas temperatures of up to 300 ° C. Its aramid wall corresponds to the fire protection class M1 according to UNE 23.727-90. The CP HiTex 481 has very good heat resistance and can be used up to 700 ° C for short periods of time and is flame retardant according to DIN 4102-B1.

The selection of the correct hose is particularly important in the exhaust gas extraction area. Hot gases of up to several hundred degrees Celsius must be transported without damaging the material. Thanks to the best product characteristics, exhaust hoses from NORRES guarantee long life and trouble-free operation thanks to increased safety during use.

NORRES Hoses for exhaust gas extraction

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