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Hose application in the food and pharmaceutical industry

Hose application in the food and pharmaceutical industry

Hoses for food and pharmacy

Technical hose systems used in the food and pharmaceutical industries are subject to strict requirements and regulations. In addition, the application areas of these hoses are diverse - for NORRES these requirements are not a problem!

Customisable range of hoses depending on your individual needs!

Hose systems are a very important component in conveying processes in the food and pharmaceutical industry. The technical hoses in use must, besides the flow rates, also withstand high mechanical stresses. For the different applications with the respective technical requirements, product diversity with equally diverse product characteristics is indispensable. NORRES has a broad portfolio for the food and pharmaceutical sector. This way, the most diverse application areas can be covered.

A brief overview: For example, in the case of conveying processes within the food segment or  pharmaceutical industry - as in the production of raw materials in tablet presses - high abrasion resistance and a food-safe wall play an important role. The AIRDUC® PUR-INOX 355 FOOD-AS - approved according to EU regulation 10/2011 and the latest regulation 2015/174 by an independent testing institute for the entire hose can be used without any problems here. In order to achieve a gentle transport of foodstuffs and a high delivery rate, smooth and abrasion-resistant hoses are again suitable, such as the AIRDUC® PUR-INOX 356 FOOD-AS. Lightweight and highly flexible polyurethane hoses are used for mixers, dryers and packaging machines. PROTAPE® PUR-C 335 FOOD-AS FLAT or PROTAPE® PUR 330 FOOD are ideally suited for this application due to their corresponding product properties.

Best conditions for food and pharmacy

The food distribution of the wide variety of NORRES hoses was tested by an independent testing institute. Raw materials and additives are used for the corresponding hose production, which are in accordance with EU regulations 10/2011 and 2015/174 as well as FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and 178.2010 as official guidelines. Food-grade hoses from the NORRES portfolio are odorless and tasteless, microbial and hydrolysis resistant as well as resistant to oils and chemicals.

Hose application in the food and pharmaceutical industry

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