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Hoses for municipal vehicles

Hoses for municipal vehicles

NORRES offers the ideal hose solutions

Hoses used on leaf collection vacuum cleaners, brush collectors, sweeping machines and cleaning machines are subject to considerable stress. The extraction of highly abrasive substances such as leaves, branches and small stones stresses the hose wall enormously - with the right hose this is not a problem! Only a suitable hose makes it easy to use.

Hoses especially for municipal vehicles

The extraction of leaves, branches and dirt strains hoses used on municipal vehicles. Thus, hose properties are required which offer advantages to the operator. These include primarily long service life, easy handling, high abrasion resistance as well as microbial and hydrolysis resistance to ensure a lower risk of failure. NORRES offers a wide selection of polyurethane hoses for a variety of foliage and sweeper hoses. These are made from premium polyurethane Pre-PUR®. The abrasion resistance of Pre-PUR® is about 2.5 - 5 times better than most rubber materials and about 3 - 4 times better than most soft PVC's. In addition, Pre-PUR® hoses are more flexible and lighter than comparable rubber hoses and enabla an easy handling. NORRES hoses can withstand high stresses such as kinking and overpassing. The AIRDUC® 355 PUR SWEEPER and AIRDUC® 355 PUR SWEEPER REINFORCED belong to the NORRES product range and are specially developed for municipal vehicles.

The right hose selection optimises the equipment use

Due to the high resistance to abrasion and wear, these types of hoses can easily cross over the ground and be used in leaf suction, fret collectors and sweepers. These hoses are also microbial and hydrolysis-resistant, exhibit high cold flexibility and are resistant to a large number of aggressive substances. NORRES hoses for foliage extraction offer longer service life, increased effiecency and expedited processing thanks to their excellent  characteristice. This minimizes machine downtime and decreases overall operating costs.

Hoses especially for municipal vehicles

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