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PRO₂AIR Pre-PUR® membrane tube diffusers made from polyurethane

PRO₂AIR Pre-PUR® membrane tube diffusers made from polyurethane

For higher safety reserves and lower operating costs

For a stable and safe operation of a ventilation system in use, the best properties of the membrane tube diffusers material are decisive. With its PRO₂AIR product family, NORRES offers a very suitable solution for ventilation systems - With significant added value: an increased energy efficiency and reduced operating costs.

NORRES membrane tube diffusers: PRO₂AIR Pre-PUR® 601 and PRO₂AIR Pre-PUR® 602

In the field of aeration systems, NORRES offers applications for industrial and municipal use, membrane tube diffusers with industry leading product and material characteristics in its product range. The membrane tube diffusers made of Pre-PUR® offer, in addition to a fine-blown pressure aeration, the best material properties as opposed to the usual membrane materials such as EPDM or silicone. The membrane material exhibits very good resistance to municipal wastewater according to the latest version of the DWA-M 115 Advisory Leaflet. Thanks to the Pre-PUR® premium polyurethane, the PRO₂AIR Pre-PUR® 601 and PRO₂AIR Pre-PUR® 602 are characterised by high tensile strength and tear resistance, and is also remarkably durable and robust. NORRES PRO₂AIR Pre-PUR® membrane tube diffusers resist permanent kinking. The tube diffuser membrane of the innovative PRO₂AIR is absolutely free of softeners and therefore permanently elastic: there is no hardening or embrittlement of the membrane. PRO₂AIR Pre-PUR® the membrane tube diffuser made from premium polyurethane has an optimised slit perforation. NORRES membrane tube diffuser are perforated using a specially developed technique that assures optimal quality consistency. All tools and materials utilised were explicitly developed for, and tailored to, the PRO₂AIR Pre-PUR®. This guarantees a uniform bubble pattern and optimal oxygenation efficiency across the complete specific air flow range. It goes without saying that the PRO₂AIR Pre-PUR® membrane is permanently resistant to microbial attack and hydrolysis, and the minimal maintenance requirement is a further added bonus in regards to quality. Both PRO₂AIR Pre-PUR® membrane tube diffusers successfully combine low pressure loss with a very high oxygen transfer rate and transfer efficiency – yet another feature that helps keep energy requirements and operating costs to a minimum.

PRO₂AIR Pre-PUR® Membranrohrbelüfter

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