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Assembly service for hose conduits

Assembly service for hose conduits

Services and innovations to meet individual customer needs

The NORRES Group has innovative and suitable hose solutions for many applications. NORRES’ portfolio of technical hoses and connectors is as broad as the spectrum of industrial applications in which they are used. In addition to an extensive product range for the hose solution that best meets their requirements, NORRES offers continuous services to all users. The company’s customers can now profit from an assembly service which simplifies the configuration of complete hose conduits and also encompasses various additional services.


Six steps to the optimal hose conduit

A new NORRES assembly service adds particular value for customers. This new assembly service provides a quick and easy way to match a connector up to a compatible hose in six steps. Thanks to the new service, complete hose conduits can be configured in even less time.
In steps one to three the customer configures the inlet of the hose conduit and selects a suitable connector, a compatible hose and the type of assembly. The connector can be pressed, threaded, clamped or moulded depending on the product. Next, the outlet of the hose conduit is configured by selecting a second connector plus the type of assembly in steps four and five. Step six encompasses various services with additional benefits for customers – such as cutting the hose to the required length, selecting the type of packaging and labelling or a qualification examination with an inspection sticker on request.

Six steps to the optimal hose conduit

To round off this innovative service, NORRES has also adapted and expanded its range of connectors. The assembly service is quick and easy to use, and customers have access to all the products they need directly from the manufacturer. CONNECT STORZ DIN ALU 251 is a Storz coupling in DIN design made from forged aluminium. It is mainly used in the construction industry to lower the groundwater or convey wood pellets for wood pellet heating systems.
CONNECT KAMLOK ALU 253 – the new aluminium Kamlok coupling with a fluted nozzle for a band clamp fitting – and the tank truck coupling CONNECT TANK TRUCK BRASS 252, which has EN 14420-6 certification, are used on silos, silo vehicles and tank trucks for silo charging and discharging as well as to convey dry media and liquids. CONNECT KARDAN 254 is a Kardan coupling made from galvanized steel that is employed in the construction industry to lower groundwater as well as to convey dry media and liquids.


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