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Flexible hose solutions for the agriculture industry

Flexible hose solutions for the agriculture industry

Long service life - for demanding applications

Hoses used within the agricultural sector are permanently exposed to extreme working conditions during their use. Particularly during peak seasonal times - used for grain transport in silo vehicles, seed in seed drills and also in feed conveying. Technical hoses must withstand high mechanical loads and comply with strict hygienic, food and ecological standards.


High-powered use for the agricultural sector

Hose properties, such as a low temperature flexibility, microbial, UV and ozone resistance, are particularly important for use in agriculture and among other things, decisive for the service life of the hose. During the sowing and harvesting periods in spring and autumn, a temperature drop can occur, so the property of the cold flexibility of a hose is very important. In order to achieve the best possible hose performance, the place of installation, as well as the material to be transported, must be considered when selecting the hose. Therefore, there are specific developments for different fields of application within agriculture, so that specific requirements are addressed.

Robust and flexible

NORRES offers high-performance hose solutions made from Pre-PUR® and soft PVC for agricultural applications. Their characteristics are specially designed for this industry. The application areas are diverse and thus also the hose repertoire together with its specific properties. For instance, the abrasion resistance and thus also a long service life play an important role in pneumatic grain conveying or for the promotion of seed and fertilizer - the AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS meets these requirements. Hoses with low temperature flexibility such as the AIRDUC® PUR 355 FOOD or NORPLAST® PVC 379 GREEN SUPERELASTIC stay flexible even at low temperatures, thus offering a low risk of kinking. Smooth bore and abrasion-resistant hoses such as the AIRDUC® PUR 351 FOOD, AIRDUC® PUR 355 FOOD or NORPLAST® PUR 385 AS offer a very high delivery rate with lower pressure loss and low abrasion. This way animal feeds are gently transported and not contaminated during the process.
NORRES soft PVC tubing such as the NORPLAST® PVC 380 GREEN, NORPLAST® PVC 389 SUPERELASTIC or NORPLAST® PVC 389 SUPERELASTIC PLUS have good resistance to alkalis, acids and chemicals - ideal for irrigation or spreading of insecticides and fertilizers. NORPLAST® PVC 389 SUPERELASTIC and NORPLAST® PVC 389 SUPERELASTIC PLUS have external abrasion protection via an external helix. As a result, they save floor space, prolong service life and are very easy to use.


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