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Expert discussion for the new TRGS 727

Expert discussion for the new TRGS 727

Visit of leading OEMs and technical merchants at NORRES for the new TRGS 727

In early April NORRES invited leading OEMs in the field of pneumatic conveying and aspiration of powders and granules as well as technical merchants to an expert discussion. Speakers were the Head of Research and Development of NORRES and Dr. Carsten Blum. Within the expert discussion was spoken about the current transformation of the TRBS 2153 into the new TRGS 727 as well as the more than 100 associated changes. The TRGS 727 applies to assess and avoid ignition hazards due to electrostatic charging in hazardous areas. This affects, among other things, the filling and emptying of containers (tanks, drums, cans, IBC and sacks) with hoses for liquids or bulk materials. NORRES already offers TRGS 727 certified suction and transport hoses from the product lines AIRDUC®, PROTAPE® and NORPLAST®.

The TRGS 727 – Overview

  • The new TRGS 727 replaces the previous Technical rules for operating safety TRBS 2153
  • Used to safely prevent ignition sources and ignition hazard assessment of bulk materials
  • Adjustments to the prior art as well as new developments had to be considered (For example, the use of biofuels or a new classification of hose types for liquid transport)
  • Frequently misunderstood passages of the technical rules have been clarified, clarifications and specifications have been made
  • Completely new sections like the Annex "Tubes and pipes for pneumatic transport of bulk materials" were added
  • The operator is responsible for a possibly renewed risk analysis according to TRGS 727
  • There are no transitional periods, because the TRGS 727 has legal character
  • NORRES already offers TRGS 727 certified hoses, among other the AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS and AIRDUC® PUR 356 AS.
Mathias Mankiewicz exemplifies and explains.

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