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NORRES always works: launch of new responsive website design

NORRES always works: launch of new responsive website design

Many new online services on

From now on the technical design of the NORRES website will allow it to react to the properties of each user's end device. For users, this means that NORRES will always work – no matter what tablet or smartphone they have. Clearly structured and with a new design, many new online services such as the converter, the enhanced hosefinder in German and English and the NORRES Web app will add to the new website. This way, NORRES customers can access the optimised website at any time and from anywhere in the world.

More user-friendly navigation continues to improve customer Services

The new website of NORRES Schlauchtechnik GmbH is faster and clearer than ever before. The new and improved menu structure features a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. Users can find the online information they are looking for at a glance. A customer-friendly innovation, the new NORRES sorting sequence is also more user-friendly and clearly structured. Our universal range of industrial hoses and hose solutions, including accessories, covers all conceivable plastic hose applications and has been sorted into a mere ten sections. The information structure of NORRES product datasheets has also been modified. As informative as ever, they are now even clearer and thus more customer-friendly. Additionally, NORRES customers can now use a multilingual online form to tell us what they need 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers can quickly, easily and efficiently express their requirements by requesting an updated offer or alternative. Customers can also upload a file and attach it to the personal online form. NORRES customers and partners can save time with this service as it does not involve writing an exhaustive quotation request letter.

Stay informed anywhere in the world with the Web app, converter and enhanced hosefinder

Thanks to the relaunch, the new responsive NORRES website design is compatible with all end devices. The mobile Web app is quick and easy to load on a smartphone, as is the innovative hosefinder which was introduced in autumn 2014. Using the hosefinder, every NORRES customer can find the ideal hose for any application, anytime and anywhere. The hosefinder has now been upgraded with a new search function: an application search. This makes it even easier to find the right NORRES hose for a specific application. The application search also improves the accuracy of the search function. Additionally, users can take advantage of the NORRES online converter built into the new Web app and optimised website. This tool can convert a range of hose-related data from metric to imperial and vice versa at any time and in any location. This will allow NORRES partners to react more quickly and clearly to global demand – especially on the Anglo-American market.

As a leading international hose manufacturer, NORRES continues to deliver customer benefits through all of these online services – especially mobile services.

NORRES always works, faster and clearer than before:

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