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Flame retardant and antistatic

Flame retardant and antistatic

Application area of the NORPLAST® PUR 385 SE AS extended

The abrasion resistant and antistatic NORPLAST® PUR 385 SE AS is a vacuum and transport hose and now has enhanced properties.

The NORPLAST® PUR 385 SE AS is impressive improved and enhanced properties: As the leading NORPLAST® manufacturer, NORRES has now made the NORPLAST® PUR 385 SE AS flame retardant in accordance with DIN 4102-B1. With this innovation, NORRES has expanded the application range for customers of its all-plastic, tried and true hose offerings. Its permanently antistatic walls, with a surface resistance < 109 Ω, makes it optimally suited for the transport of abrasive solids such as dusts, powder, fiber, chips and granulates. It has highly praised when used in applications such as fume and dust removal, industrial vacuum cleaners as well as in vacuum applications of paper and textile fibers. The walls of the NORPLAST® PUR 385 SE AS are 2.5 to 5 more abrasion resistant than most rubber materials and 3 to 4 times over most soft PVCs.

Also, the NORPLAST® PUR 385 SE AS is leak proof – a property that makes it suitable for transporting gaseous media.

The NORPLAST® PUR 385 SE AS is well suited for outdoor use due to its UV and ozone resistance. In addition to its lightweight design, it is smooth, highly abrasion resistant on the interior, and can be deployed in a temperature range of approximately -4 °F to +160 °F. It also has good chemical resistance. Suitable for daily use due to its flexibility and tight bend radius. 


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