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Smooth and robust hoses for powder & bulk solids technologies

Smooth and robust hoses for powder & bulk solids technologies

From 30 September to 2 October 2014, NORRES exhibits its products at the POWTECH trade fair

The POWTECH trade fair will take place in Nuremberg from 30 September to 2 October 2014. NORRES Schlauchtechnik is looking forward to presenting a major part of the 125 innovations in its anniversary year to trade visitors. At the world’s leading trade fair for processing, analysis and handling of powder and bulk solids, the hose manufacturer from Gelsenkirchen-Schalke (Germany) will demonstrate its optimised product range of robust and smooth hoses for powder and bulk solids technologies at Booth 407, Hall 5.

As a trendsetter in the development and production of technical hoses, NORRES focuses on efficiency and a broad range of customised solutions. These include long service lives and efficient customised solutions focusing on customer requirements. At the POWTECH 2014 – the world’s leading trade fair for powder, granulates and bulk solids technologies - the NORRES trade fair team will demonstrate modified solutions to national and international trade fair visitors:

Very robust and extremely abrasion-proof:

The extremely abrasion-proof NORPLAST® PUR 387 is particularly suited for high flow-rates of extremely abrasive solids such as sand, gravel, grain, refuse glass and chips. Its abrasion resistance is about 2.5 to 5 times higher than with most rubber materials and about 3 to 4 times higher than with most soft PVCs. It features an excellent smooth interior as well as optimised flow properties. Customers using this robust conveying hose can benefit from high flow rates, low pressure loss as well as lower abrasion and thus a longer and more economical service life. It is perfectly suited for use as conveying hose for roof gravelling, silo loading and unloading, in suction and silo vehicles as well as in glassworks, docks, steelworks, quarries, shipyards, cementworks etc. In contrast to rubber hoses, the NORPLAST PUR 387 is flexible and lightweight. The NORPLAST® PUR 387 features a very high pressure, vacuum and compression resistance as well as a high axial strength. Thanks to its outer sliding surface and the resulting abrasion protection, it ensures floor-protection, a long service life and ease of use. The gas and liquid tight hose also convinces with its good resistance to chemicals, UV radiation and ozone.


With metallic grounding wire and a permanently antistatic inliner, the antistatic version of the NORPLAST® PUR-CU 387 AS can be used in areas exposed to explosion hazards (explosion protection). The wall features an antistatic polyurethane inside layer.


The full plastic hose NORPLAST® PUR 387 PLUS with reinforced inliner is particularly suited for the demanding transportation of extremely abrasive solids. Thanks to its long service life and high efficiency, it is well proven in harshest conditions. The extremely reinforced, smooth interior hose is the “thickest NORPLAST® ever”.


Robust, abrasion-proof and permanently antistatic:

In order to meet customers’ demands for heavy plastic hoses, NORRES offers trade fair visitors even more added value with the NORPLAST® PUR-CU 386 AS. The hose is now also available with non-migrating antistatic agent as standard so that it is permanently antistatic. It features a grounding wire and provides permanent conductivity. The NORPLAST® PUR-CU 386 AS is particularly suited for transport applications with high flow-rates of abrasive solids such as in industrial vacuum cleaners, granulate conveying systems, blowers and compressors. The permanently antistatic properties extend the scope of applications is and increase the efficiency of this new product.


Very robust and vacuum-proof:

The BARDUC® PVC 381 suction and transport hose is particularly suited for application in areas where powder, granulates and chips are transported in a very rough environment, e.g. in agriculture and construction engineering. It features a smooth interior and exterior. Thanks to the smooth interior wall of the hose, less material settles on the walls which results in a safer and smoother conveying process. The BARDUC® PVC 381 is flexible and features a very high pressure, vacuum and compression resistance as well as high axial strength. The wall is food-grade according to EC directive 2002/72/EC including amendment directive 975/2009/EC and directive 10/2011. It is highly resistant to alkalis, acids, chemicals as well as UV radiation and ozone, free of phthalat and gas and liquid tight.
Except from application with inflammable bulk materials, the super-heavy hose is recommended for many applications, as it is capable of electrostatic discharge by grounding the spiral (according to German Regulation TRBS 2153 (formerly BGR 132).


125 years of NORRES - 125 innovations.

In its anniversary year, NORRES offers a highlight for its customers and partners: 125 years of NORRES and 125 innovations. For the anniversary year 2014, in which the manufacturer of technical hoses and hose solutions, cable protection systems as well as environmental solutions celebrates its 125 anniversary, numerous innovations in the product and service range have been implemented. Further innovations are in the pipeline. The SME, managed by the owner, will be presenting a major part of its innovations at the POWTECH trade fair in Nuremberg.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the POWTECH 2014 and presenting customised NORRES products for the powder and bulk solids industry at our Booth 407 in Hall 5!


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