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Full plastic hoses for special uses

Full plastic hoses for special uses

125 Years of NORRES Schlauchtechnik – Innovations 30 to 34

NORRES Schlauchtechnik will be 125 years-old young this year and is celebrating with 125 innovations. The customers of this globally operating small to medium sized enterprise can immediately medium-sized enterprise are immediately able to profit from a modified range of full plastic hoses, especially heavy-duty ones: The NORPLAST® PVC 389 SUPERELASTIC and the NORPLAST® PVC 389 SUPERELASTIC PLUS even remain flexible when subjected to extreme cold conditions. The phthalate-free NORPLAST® PVC 384 FEED has been especially designed for use when transporting feedstuffs. The NORPLAST® PVC 387 PLUS, the “thickest NORPLAST® of all times“, and the NORPLAST® PVC-CU 389 AS-SUPERELASTIC in a permanently antistatic design complete the NORPLAST® product portfolio.

Flexible even at temperatures that are far below zero: 

The new NORPLAST® PVC 389 SUPERELASTIC is a full plastic super heavy suction and transport hose that provides the required flexibility even at temperatures as low as -25°C. The hose with the smooth interior is especially suitable for the transporting of solids such as powders, chips and granulates. It is especially suitable for use when irrigating, spreading liquid manure and cleaning sewers and sinks with the focus being on a reliable use in double-figure sub-zero temperatures.

The extreme flexibility at low temperatures, working temperatures as low as -40°C enable the super heavy version of the NORPLAST® PVC 389 SUPERELASTIC PLUS to be used in ice-cold areas. The suction and transport hose even conveys solids or is ready for use on suction and dry bulk vehicles. An additional innovative aspect of this is the special anti-abrasion. This makes it user-friendly and at the same time, one can expect a longer service life.

Free from phthalate and with an enhanced compressive strength:

NORRES now supplies its new NORPLAST® PVC 384 FEED suction and transport hose with the smooth exterior, an enhanced compressive strength and a food grade wall conform with EC directive 2002/72/EC that has especially been designed for animal feed transport requirements. The phthalate-free hose is also suitable for the transporting of solids such as powders, chips and granulates and is available in outer diameters of up to 165mm.


Extremely robust and with a reinforced inliner:

This full plastic hose is also suitable for the demanding transportation of highly abrasive substances. The robust NORPLAST® PVC 387 PLUS has proven itself as a hose for the conveying of roof gravel, the filling of silos or in hard use in steelworks. Smooth on the inside and provided with an extremely abrasion-resistance property, it has a reputation as the “thickest NORPLAST® of all times“.

Super heavy and antistatic:

The NORPLAST® PVC-CU 389 AS-SUPERELASTIC is lined with a permanently antistatic wall with a non-migrating antistatic agent. It is fitted with a grounding wire and is conductive in accordance with TRBS 2153. With this hose type, NORRES is rounding off its comprehensive product portfolio of super heavy plastic hoses.



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