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Optimum performance during fume and dust extraction

Quality products ensure optimal use

Technical hoses, which are used in the application of fume and dust extraction, are exposed to high loads. The right hose selection is the decisive factor in achieving a longer service life and optimum performance. Smoke and dust extraction, primarily gaseous materials and fine dusts are extracted and transported. Temperature resistance, flexibility, flame retardancy and density are the most important hose properties for use in this industry.

Optimum hose solutions for reliable service life

The NORRES Group has tailored its product portfolio specifically to the respective industries. Product characteristics must match the system requirements during use. Before the proper hose is selected, the consultation must be handled in advance to find a solution that is best suited for you. Fume and dust extraction must be specifically targeted at sector products in order to provide long and reliable service life and safety during the complete operation. The PROTAPE® PUR 301 AS and the PROTAPE® PUR 330 AS are particularly suitable for use with hoses on extraction units, filter systems or for oil mist extraction and galvanic extraction. Both hoses are highly flexible, abrasion-resistant and flame-retardant. On extraction arms or for welding fume extraction, properties such as high flexibility, low flammability, good resistance to alkalis, acids and chemicals for example the PROTAPE® PVC 371 HT owns, are indispensable. AIRDUC® PUR 350 AS BLACK is ideally suited for the pneumatic transport of combustible bulk materials. With a temperature range of -40° C to 90° C, temporarily up to 125° C, certified according to TRGS 727 and ATEX 2014/34 / EU.

Simply flexible!

NORRES is an innovative market leader offering our AIRDUC®, PROTAPE® flexible ducting and NORPLAST® industrial hoses, as well as provider for flexible hose and ducting system solutions – since 1889 simply flexible.

AIRDUC® PUR 350 AS BLACK: Quality products ensure optimal use

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