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NORRES relies on patented design for clamped profile hoses

NORRES relies on patented design for clamped profile hoses

Reliable abrasion protection

Clamped profile hoses are often used in heavy-load applications. When used as suction, blower or exhaust hoses especially, clamped profile hoses are the choice in many industrial clusters.

To ensure safety and to meet the high demands placed on the material, the hose manufacturer NORRES uses a patented design, which offers reliable protection against abrasion. In the clamp profile used here, one, two or several layers of fabric are clamped in a helical. The inserted wire prevents it from slipping-out accidentally. At the same time, the flexible and compressible clamped profile hoses from NORRES are equipped with effective abrasion protection. One advantage is the longer service life of the material and the increased product safety. Another advantage: Hose types, such as the CP HYP 450 PROTECT, are vibration-resistant and are suitable especially for use in exhaust and motor technology. Moreover, due to their outstanding features, such as durability and longevity as well as excellent heat resistance, they are also used in the high-tech fields of aircraft construction and the armament industry.


Safe to use: Clamped profile hoses for extraction and blowing

Designed for a variety of uses, e. g. as a blower or suction hose, the clamped profile hoses offer numerous product benefits, especially under high workloads. The external protective profile of the CP HYP 450 PROTECT, for instance, is made of a flexible, high-temperature resistant plastic and offers effective protection against impacts and abrasion. The secure hold of the abrasion protection also prevents accidental displacement or loosening. As an optional accessory for his patented design, the manufacturer offers fabric, available in single to multiple layers. The product characteristics of the multi-layered varieties of the clamped profile hoses also impress with their selective adaptation to the requirements of the particular application, greater impermeability, as well as thermal insulation and better noise protection. This covers the customer’s needs, no matter what the application.

Added value: The clamp profile hose product line
In addition to offering a wide range of clamp profile hoses for various applications, NORRES also has an extensive added value concept in store for its customers. When items from the clamp profile hose product line are ordered, the manufacturer offers the option of ordering customized lengths without minimum quantities. Then there are the short delivery times, thanks to an optimized logistics system, which ensure that the desired clamped profile hoses are already on their way to the customer within 48 hours of the order being received. For Managing Director Burkhard Mollen added value means: “Besides providing the familiar product quality, we offer consistently high and excellent service in all other areas as well.” Together with the patented construction of the clamped profile hoses, a complete package for the efficient utilization of clamped profile hoses in many sectors of industry.


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