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Suction and Blower Hoses Best Suited to the Chemical Industry

Suction and Blower Hoses Best Suited to the Chemical Industry

Extreme Heat Resistance up to +400 °C: The CP Kapton® 476

Hoses utilised in the chemical industry must be able to withstand operational demands. NORRES Schlauchtechnik presents, from the series of clamping profile hoses, a new hose model, especially tailored to these demands: the CP Kapton® 476.

High-Temperature Hose for the Chemical Industry

NORRES, the Gelsenkirchen-based hose manufacturer, presents a new suction and blower hose among its line of products: the CP Kapton® 476. The new clamping profile hose is extremely heat resistant and can be readily used in environments with temperatures ranging from about -60 °C to about +400 °C. The superb chemical resistance of the hose is complemented by strong resistance to acids and lyes, as well as ultraviolet radiation and ozone.

Patented Construction for Best Product Properties

The hose walls consist of laminated Kapton®  fibreglass, and the clamping profile-supporting spiral is galvanized steel. The chafing protection through the exterior clamping profile and the high tensile strength clamping of the hose wall are ascribable to the innovative NORRES construction: in a patented clamping profile, webbing material is spirally clamped, and an inlaid wire guards against slippage. The CP Kapton® 476 is kink-proof, weighs little and fully conforms to RoHS.


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