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NORRES expands its portfolio of eletrically conductive hoses

NORRES expands its portfolio of eletrically conductive hoses

For delivering flammable bulk material and aggressively gas-forming substances

Whenever explosive atmospheres can arise, such as during transportation of explosion-prone bulk material, hose construction capable of conducting and discharging shows what it can do. The Gelsenkirchen-based company NORRES has recently included in its product range the clamping-profile hose CP PE 457 EC, which is specially suited for such operations.

Electrically conductive and highly stable chemically

The new CP PE 457 EC is an electrically conductive hose, which is best suited to the delivery of flammable bulk material and in areas at risk for explosions. As required by Germany’s Technical Regulations for Safety in the Workplace (TRBS 2153), the hose possesses an electrically conductive lining with a contact and surface resistance of < 103 Ω. In a patented clamping profile, webbing material is single-pass spirally clamped, and inlaid wire protects against slippage. The patented construction of the hose, consisting of a supporting spiral clamping profile made of galvanised steel and a lining made of an electrically conductive polyethylene, makes possible additional product advantages: The CP PE 457 EC, thanks to the external clamping profile, features chafing protection. Additionally, the hose wall in the clamping profile is clamped tug-resistant – the round clamping profile enables strong and even distribution of the clamping strength. The hose fulfils the requirements of the European guidelines for Equipment and Protective Systems intended for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX) and possesses extremely good resistance to chemicals. Equally, the hose has good resistance against lye, acids, oil and petrol.

Simplicity of use thanks to optimal product characteristics

The CP PE 457 EC is highly flexible and submersible, and features only a modest weight. In sum, these are properties which significantly simplify handling the hose, since a light, flexible hose is simpler to install than a heavy model. The 4:1 expansion ratio enables transport with optimalised packaging, reducing costs when shipping the hose. Due to the reduced packaging, transportation as well as storage are especially favourable.


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