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Extremely heat-resistant hose expands the NORRES product portfolio

Extremely heat-resistant hose expands the NORRES product portfolio

Robust in flying spark and welding spatter environments

A clean and safe environment is a precondition for any workplace. Welding emits many different gases, fumes and dusts. Depending on the welding method, toxic substances can also be emitted. Therefore, suitable precautions which ensure that the operator can breathe clean air must be taken where welding is performed. NORRES presents a new clamping profile hose with specifically for welding gas suction: The CP HiTex 467 WELDING is a further addition to the product portfolio of this hose manufacturer from Gelsenkirchen.

Heat-resistant – specifically for welding gas suction

Workplaces, particularly in the metal processing industry, are exposed to numerous contaminations. Choosing the correct protection against them is important and an absolute necessity. The extreme heat resistance of the new CP HiTex 467 WELDING clamping profile hose from NORRES makes this hose ideal for welding gas suction, but also where flying sparks and welding spatter must be expected. With a temperature range from -70°C to +260°C, briefly even up to +280°C, this hose can be recommended for practical application. A single layer of the fabric-reinforced tape is firmly clamped in helical form in a patented clamping profile. The high heat resistance is also obtained by a specially coated high-temperature fabric in the wall of the hose.

Robust, extremely light-weight and upsettable

The CP HiTex 467 WELDING is extremely flexibly and light-weight – which makes this hose very easy to install because: a movable and light-weight hose handles easier than a rigid and heavy one. Besides, flexibility means that there is almost no counter or reset forces when the hose is subjected to bending stress. Other advantages of this product include good resistance to ultraviolet radiation and ozone, very small bending radii, no kinking and flame retardant.


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