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Resistant to continuous temperatures up to +110°C: The new CP PVC-HT 466

Resistant to continuous temperatures up to +110°C: The new CP PVC-HT 466

Patented design for best product properties

Hoses in welding gas suction environments must be able to withstand high temperatures. Only hoses with outstanding properties can tolerate high stress for a long time. One such property is very good resistance to heat, which is typical of the new clamping profile hose type CP PVC-HT 466.

Excellent for welding gas suction

The suction and blower hose type CP PVC-HT 466 Is an important novelty from NORRES. This high-temperature hose is suitable for applications in the temperature range from about -10°C to about +110°C. Besides, the specially coated fabric is flame retardant according to NF P 92-503 M1 and is best for welding gas suction applications.

Design properties for customized product solutions

Like all clamping profile hoses from NORRES, the CP PVC-HT 466 hose is also a patented design.  A single layer of fabric-reinforced tape consisting of PVC coated glass fiber fabric is clamped in helical fashion in a patented profile. A helical support of galvanized steel ensures that the tape is clamped in the profile. An inserted wire prevents it from slipping out. In this way, the wall of the hose is clamped in the profile and cannot be pulled out and chafing is prevented by an outer clamping profile. In addition, a round clamping profile ensures more beneficial properties of the product such as high and uniform distribution of the clamping force and therefore improved leakproofness of the hose.

The design and properties of the hose can be customized to suit individual requirements. For example, a design with other pitches of the helical clamping profile support and different wall materials are possible on request.


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