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Hose designed for the plastics industry

Hose designed for the plastics industry

Optimal Functionality

The Plastic processing industry can be a  complex process. During processing with granulates or powders are usually transported over long distances. The materials are transported through hose lines which must withstand extreme stress levels. The individual production process has to function efficiently with additional focus on the smoothness of the hose.  Therefore choosing the right hose is an important factor.

Best product properties due to Pre-PUR®

Transport hoses, used as machine components in the plastics processing industry, are subjected to massive strains. In order to withstand this stresses during the application, the correct selection of the transport hose is important. Hose properties must require high abrasion resistance, therefore a high-grade material is required. NORRES Pre-PUR® hoses are made of premium polyurethane Pre-PUR®. The abrasion resistance of our Pre-PUR® Polyurethanes ist about two and a half to five times greater than many rubber raw materials and about three to four times higher than soft PVC materials.

Smooth interior und antistatic

For applications in the specific field of plastics industry AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS and AIRDUC® PUR 356 AS has become very well established within our industry. The antistatic hose AIRDUC® PUR 356 AS is particularly suitable for loading and unloading of silos, silo vehicles and tankers.
AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS is particularly suitable for conveying in granulate conveying devices, extruders and injection moulding machines. Both types do have an interior smoothness that are optimised specifically to maximize flow. This process ensures a gentler material delivery. In addition both hose types have a permanently antistatic wall with electrical and surface resistance <10⁹ Ω. In accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EU and German TRGS 727 AIRDUC® PUR 355 AS and AIRDUC® PUR 356 AS are ideal for pneumatic transport of flammable dusts and bulk materials. They can also be used in a temperature range from -40°C to 90°C and short-term to 125°C.

Optimal branch products, combined with competent technical advice, NORRES creates added customer value. NORRES customers benefit from longer service lives, shorter downtimes and risks. This results in the buzzer also lower operating costs.

Hose designed for the plastics industry

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